3D Deployment System

3D Deployment System, Prince Madoc - OYS sonarOcean Marine Systems have designed and engineered a retractable sonar leg solution for a 35m commercial vessel.  The accuracy of the 3D maps, from the surveys taking place onboard R/V Prince Madog have significantly improved as a result of this equipment installed.

Having come to the realisation they were regularly making changes to the sonar legs from their current supplier, Reson approached Ocean Marine Systems looking for a solution.  Ocean Marine Systems are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to finding customised solutions that are cost effective.

The issue

The sonar being installed was a Seabat 7125 by Reson.  It is used for a variety of surveys including pipeline inspection, topographical surveys, general surveys and surveying wrecks. With an inbuilt GPS and software, multiple passes can be performed over a site to build up an accurate 3D map/image of the subsea surface. All of this technology relies on the accuracy of the installation of the sonar, which if not held robustly in place, will not produce clear enough images.

The solution

Ocean Marine Systems has designed and engineered an hydraulic leg, that with the sonar deployed, will sit firmly in its position.  In this position an area can be accurately surveyed multiple times, as the sonar can be correctly calibrated to achieve the highest resolution. The leg includes an Ocean Marine Systems designed ‘Flow Plate’ which closes the hole the sonar retracts into, this reduces turbulent water flow around the sonar in operation.

The result

With the help of the knowledge and expertise at Ocean Marine Systems, R/V Prince Madog is now producing 3D maps of subsea areas at the highest accuracy.