The New Home of OYS Thrusters and OYS Hydraulics

oms thrusters hydraulics and hoists

2020 saw the sale of the OYS Rigging division to the BSI Group, but what happened to OYS Hydraulic and OYS Thrusters Products? It’s time to find out……

OYS Thrusters and OYS Hydraulics are now available from Ocean Marine Systems Limited (OMS Ltd). OMS Ltd, founded in 2014, were the pioneers in developing through hull instrument deployment hoists for sonar and diver detection. Established by the original directors of OYS (Ocean Yacht Systems) and following the sale of OYS rigging, all thruster and hydraulic business has been transferred and is now available under the OMS brand.

“OMS Ltd is more than superyachts,” comments Mark Barwell Sales Director for OMS Ltd. “We supply to the whole maritime industry, across both leisure and commercial sectors so it is great to be able to add the thruster and hydraulic ram range to our business.”

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